“We never invest in a business we do not understand

cit. Warren Buffet

We do not like taking unpaid risks

Our methodology is based on an in-depth study of companies. Starting with analysing the company’s financial statements, we then analyse its products and services offered and assess its resources and expertise. The purpose of this analysis is to assess the actual sustainability of the business and the possible market interest.

Management style

A good company is not always a good investment and a bad company is not always a bad investment.

Our management strategy is based on the search for valuation mismatch, i.e., companies whose price is largely underestimated by the market. We exploit obvious asymmetries between stock market value and the value of a company, in order to invest only in cases of significant optionality against a low or absent risk.


Completely independent of the benchmark, used only as a reference parameter for comparing results.


The portfolio is restructured according to changing economic and financial conditions.


We exploit times of great volatility, which create the best opportunities for buying and selling individual stocks.